Manage your account by phone

Request funds, make payments, adjust payment dates, control your account with your phone. Just call 218-255-9042

Setting up account.

All loans are ordered via telephone. Their is a one time phone call set up and then you will need to text us supporting documents with your phone, such as your photo identification, proof of income, bank statement, voided check and mailing address.

Requesting loans.

After account is setup just call 218-255-9042 ext. 1 and follow prompts. Loan request made be 4 PM Central time will be funded at midnight. All loans are 14 days.

Receiving funds and paying loan when due.

All funds are electronically transferred to your bank account. When loans are due all funds due are electronically transferred from your bank account.

Changing loan due date.

Just call 218-255-9042 login into your account on prompt to request a change on your maturity date leave a recording with name, dollar amount and new date you would like your funds withdrawal. **You can move loans up to 4 days.