Sample Disclosure Statement


How to read and print your Loan Disclosure     

  • Annual Percentage Rate – Interest Rate
  • Amount Financed – Amount you borrowed.
  • Finance Charge – Cost of doing a loan.
  • Loan Date – Date loan was taken out.
  • Loan Maturity date -Date Loan is Due.
  • The Method of payment must be in a single form – The borrower has the option to pay the loan off, in full with one cash payment on or before the maturity date of this loan. Upon maturity funds will be collected to pay off in full in the method agreed upon. The agreed payment method is an automatic check withdrawal from my account.
  • Repayment – If I pay this loan off early, I will not be entitled to a refund of the finance or the administrative charges and I will not have to pay a penalty.
  • Upon requesting a loan you will be texted an web link to preview your disclosure statement before your loan is approved. Upon loan approval you will be texted a web link to view and print your disclosure agreement along with all other documents that are part of your loan. During the loan process you have the option of requesting the loan disclosure be mailed to you. At anytime you may review your Loan Disclose call 218-255-9042, go into your account. Select request your user name and password to be texted to you. Go to and enter your user name and password. Go to “Active Loan Agreement” will bring up a copy of your current loan form. You can view or print your loan form from here. If you need help call 218-255-9042 #3