Unusual Notice – Sample

                                                                           Unusual Withdrawal Notice under § 1041.9(b)(3)

S&P Loan Co.



John Doe

Somewhere Street

Somewhere, MN 55555

Alert: Unusual Withdrawal from S&P Loan Co.

On November 12, 2021, S&P Loan Co. will attempt to withdraw a

payment of $353.00 from your account ending in 0022. This electronic withdrawal will be made by ACH transfer.

This payment is unusual because it is larger than your originally scheduled payment. The previous

withdrawal was initiated on November 2, 2016, for $323.

If this payment is not successful, we will add a $30 returned payment fee to your balance on loan #5432.

Contact S&P Loan Co. at 1-218-255-9042 if you have questions or need to stop this withdrawal. The

institution where you have your account also may be able to assist you.

Payment breakdown

Principal $300.00

Interest $23.00

Fees $30.00

Total payment amount $353.00