Withdrawal Notice – Sample

                 First Payment Withdrawal Notice under § 1041.9(b)(2)

S&P Loan Co.



John Doe

Somewhere Street

Somewhere, MN 55555

Upcoming Withdrawal Notice from

S&P Loan Co.

On November 12, 2021, S&P Loan Co. will attempt to withdraw a

payment of $323.00 from your account ending in 0022. his electronic withdrawal will be made by ACH transfer.

If this payment is not successful, we will add a $30 returned payment fee to your balance on loan #5432.

Contact S&P Loan Co at 1-218-255-9042 if you have questions or need to stop this withdrawal. The

institution where you have your account also may be able to assist you.

Payment breakdown

Principal now $300.00

Interest $23.00

Total payment amount $323.00

When you make this payment your loan will be paid in full.